Eco-conscious and ethical fashion

Eco-conscious and ethical fashion

Both eco-conscious fashion and ethical fashion have become great topics of discussion in the past few years, albeit for different reasons. But what do they mean?..

The reality is that you always want to ensure you protect the environment and people working in the industry. This is where both these topics come into play. Eco-conscious or sustainable fashion is more focused on the idea of using the right materials, protecting the environment and not damaging it or us with chemicals.

What eco-conscious does is it focuses to enhance the current fashion practices, while transforming the way people buy and consume fashion. However, ethical fashion focuses on a different thing. It’s mostly about protecting the workers in this industry that despite being very talented, they are severely underpaid. Many manufacturers end up getting paid very low wages, despite the fact that their work is sold for a premium. That’s why ethical fashion is focused a lot on creating fair working conditions for those in the industry.

As you can see, both ethical and eco-conscious fashion are crucial for the industry, and they are trends that will continue to expand in the years to come. Yes, we need to ensure that manufacturers and workers are getting paid fairly, while also doing our best to protect the environment by avoiding the use of chemicals and compounds that can affect our planet and human lives as well.

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