Raising your consciousness podcast

Raising your consciousness podcast

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Explaining the difference between sustainable fashion and ethical fashion. Asking ultimately if it's possible to live a life that's sustainable, ethical and fashionable. This podcast highlights the importance of educating oneself about where your garments are coming from and how they are made. Who made your garments? and are they being treated fairly? It's vital that in order to achieve all three pillars of sustainable development, there must be a balance and and deeper understanding of the industry. Many people buy clothes because they're cheap and on trend, despite its manufacturers being treated and paid poorly. A higher value needs to be placed behind garments, similarly these garments need to be of high quality and withstand a longer use phase in order to be worthy of said value.

This podcast talks about the danger of 'following trends' and purchasing seasonal clothing that will eventually lead to premature disposal. Instead it expresses how we should be purchasing good quality, staple garments with the ability to be mixed and matched for any occasion and season.

We need to get back into the habit of wearing our clothes. This may sound silly but most people will only wear the items in their wardrobe a handful of times before discarding them. Having the attitude of 'I've posted a picture wearing it so I can't wear it again'. Normalise wearing your clothes over and over again.

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