The Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Blogs You Should Be Reading

The Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Blogs You Should Be Reading

Hey there! So you care about style, but you also care about the planet. You want to stay on top of the latest eco-friendly brands and trends in sustainable fashion. Lucky for you, there are some amazing sustainable fashion bloggers creating content just for readers like you. They’re scoping out the best organic cotton t-shirts, the coolest reclaimed wood sunglasses, and the hottest vegan shoe brands so you don’t have to. Their blogs are where you need to be for all the best info on sustainable and ethical style.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 10 of the top sustainable fashion blogs you should have bookmarked and be reading right now. Whether you’re looking for chic outfit inspiration made from sustainable materials or trying to navigate the complex issues of ethics and transparency in the fashion industry, these bloggers have you covered. They’re passionate, stylish, and determined to make sustainable fashion accessible and appealing to all. Get ready for some serious eco-inspo!

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is about designing and producing clothes in an ethical and eco-friendly way. This means reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry and ensuring safe and fair working conditions.

Some key principles of sustainable fashion include:

  1. Using organic, recycled and natural materials that are durable and biodegradable. Materials like organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester and reclaimed wood fibers are popular options.

  2. Employing fair trade practices by providing living wages and good working conditions for all employees in the supply chain. No child labor or sweatshops are used.

  3. Reducing waste through efficient pattern cutting, reusing materials, and recycling. Donating or reselling any unused materials.

  4. Slowing down trends by creating timeless pieces that last. This reduces overconsumption and the need to frequently replace clothing.

  5. Using renewable energy and sustainable production methods with minimal pollution and carbon emissions. Following regulations for waste treatment and disposal.

  6. Transparency about the origins of materials and the manufacturing process. Some brands allow you to trace the journey of a garment from field to finished product.

  7. Giving back to communities through donations, volunteering and charity partnerships. Some brands invest in social programs to support workers and their families.

Following these principles helps the fashion industry become a force for positive change. By supporting sustainable brands, you can use your purchasing power to shape a greener future for our planet. Every small step makes a difference!

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Blogs for Beginners

If you're just dipping your toe into the world of sustainable fashion, these beginner-friendly blogs are a great place to start.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade covers socially-conscious and eco-friendly fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. They feature in-depth spotlights on sustainable startups as well as roundups of the best fair trade clothing, recycled accessories, and natural skincare products. Their mission is to make ethical living accessible and inspiring.


Ecocult takes an upbeat, pragmatic approach to sustainable style. They share eco-friendly outfit ideas, shopping guides, and brand spotlights with a focus on budget-friendly and minimalist fashion. Founder Alden Wicker also tackles issues around greenwashing, ethical manufacturing, and building a sustainable wardrobe on a budget. Her funny and relatable style makes sustainable fashion seem totally doable.

The Kind Craft

The Kind Craft is an educational resource for eco-curious fashion lovers. Founder Aja Barber explores topics like organic cotton vs regular cotton, what makes a fabric sustainable, and how to decipher sustainability certifications. She also shares insightful interviews with leaders in the ethical fashion movement and actionable tips for beginners. The blog has a warm, empowering tone that will make you excited to start your sustainable fashion journey.

Style Wise

Style Wise takes a highly visual approach to sustainable fashion and lifestyle content. Emma and Carry create outfit inspiration, share stunning product photos, and highlight emerging eco-friendly brands with an minimal yet stylish esthetic. Their content has a aspirational quality that shows how sustainability can be luxurious and fashion-forward. A great source of outfit inspo and eye candy for those interested in an eco-chic wardrobe.

Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs for Stylish Outfit Ideas

Some of the best sustainable fashion blogs are helmed by stylish eco-warriors putting together chic outfits from ethical brands. These blogs are a treasure trove of outfit inspiration and shopping recommendations.

The Sustainable Fashion Blog

Brittany of The Sustainable Fashion Blog believes in building a stylish wardrobe that aligns with your values. Her blog is filled with outfit photos featuring ethical brands, reviews of the latest sustainable collections, and roundups of eco-friendly alternatives to fast fashion pieces. She also shares resources for newbie sustainable fashionistas just getting started.

Style Wise

On Style Wise, owner Coralie highlights ethical brands making on-trend and minimalist clothing. Her style is chic yet effortless. In addition to outfit photos, she publishes informative posts on topics like the issues with fast fashion, sustainable textiles to look for, and how to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe. Style Wise is a great resource for fashionable yet eco-conscious clothing and lifestyle options.

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess, run by Australia-based Jennifer Nini, has been a pioneering sustainable fashion blog since 2009. Jennifer shares her bold and colorful style through striking outfit photos, reviews of the latest ethical clothing collections, and roundups of stylish sustainable brands. She also publishes investigative features on issues like worker’s rights, textile recycling, and the true cost of fast fashion.

The Kind Life

Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life blog promotes an eco-friendly vegan lifestyle, including sustainable fashion. While Alicia’s style tends to be more bohemian and relaxed, her blog is a wealth of knowledge about ethical fashion brands, natural skincare products, plant-based recipes, and other green living tips. Even if her style doesn’t match your own, The Kind Life is an inspiring resource for sustainable living.

These fashionable and impactful blogs are leading the way towards a greener fashion industry. Following them is a great way to discover stylish and ethical brands, pick up sustainable living tips, and join a community of eco-conscious fashion lovers.

Most Informative Sustainable Fashion Blogs

Of all the fashion blogs out there covering the latest trends, a few stand out for their dedication to sustainability. These blogs are on the cutting edge of eco-friendly fashion, highlighting brands and products making a difference.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade curates ethically-made and sustainable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. They feature inspiring interviews with leaders in the sustainable fashion movement and roundups of the top eco-friendly brands each season. Their well-researched blog posts and guides make it easy to understand issues like fair trade, vegan materials, and the slow fashion movement.


Ecocult takes an activist approach to sustainable style. Their blog brings you news on the latest sustainable fashion campaigns, calls-to-action, and petitions to support. They frequently feature roundups of sustainable alternatives to fast fashion brands. Ecocult’s humorous and passionate style makes important issues accessible and actionable.


StyleWise focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion for the everyday woman. They share eco-friendly outfit ideas, reviews of sustainable brands, and the stories behind the brands making a difference. StyleWise aims to make sustainable fashion practical and achievable for all budgets. They frequently share discount codes and the best places to score deals on eco-friendly fashion.

The Sustainable Fashion Forum

The Sustainable Fashion Forum takes a global perspective on the sustainable fashion movement. They feature news and roundups from sustainable brands around the world, highlighting eco-friendly fashion from India, Kenya, Brazil, and beyond. If you’re interested in how sustainable fashion intersects with women’s empowerment, fair wages, and economic opportunity on a global scale, The Sustainable Fashion Forum is an informative resource.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is one of the leading organizations advocating for greater transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. Their blog shares the latest news on their impact campaigns, reports on fashion brands’ sustainability and human rights practices, and in-depth explainers on issues like waste, microplastics, and climate change’s effect on fashion. Fashion Revolution aims to empower citizens to demand change from brands and policymakers alike. Their blog is a must-read for anyone passionate about building a more sustainable future for fashion.

Top Influencers in Sustainable Fashion Blogging

The sustainable fashion blogging world is filled with inspiring voices advocating for change. Here are five of the top influencers leading the way.

Alden Wicker

Alden Wicker has been writing about sustainable fashion since 2008. Her blog EcoCult covers the latest in ethical brands, news and issues in the industry. Alden takes an irreverent and passionate tone, calling out “greenwashing” brands and pushing for real reform. She’s known for “30 Wears” - her challenge to buy high-quality pieces and get 30 wears out of them before donating.

Elizabeth Stilwell

Elizabeth Stilwell shares practical tips for ethical living on her blog The Note Passer. Her focus on “slow fashion” encourages buying vintage and secondhand clothing as well as investing in high-quality basics. Elizabeth spotlights underrepresented sustainable brands and provides resources for readers to get involved in the movement. Her thoughtful, empowering message inspires readers to make a difference through their daily choices.

Jennifer Nini

Jennifer Nini tackles environmental and social justice issues within the fashion industry on her blog Sustainable Chic. She reports on the latest news regarding human rights violations, the environmental impact of fast fashion, and what companies are doing (or not doing) to improve. Jennifer also profiles innovative sustainable brands and offers tips for living more ethically. Her in-depth, solutions-focused content makes Sustainable Chic an essential resource for those wanting to better understand these pressing problems.

Aja Barber

Aja Barber is a writer, stylist and sustainable fashion consultant focused on issues of diversity, inclusion and ethics. On her blog These Glory Days, Aja explores how fashion intersects with race, gender and economics. She calls on companies to expand their size ranges, commit to fair wages and provide safe working conditions for garment workers. Aja brings a fresh, intersectional perspective to conversations around sustainability and ethical fashion. Her work aims to make sustainable and ethical clothing more accessible to all.

So there you have it, 10 of the best sustainable fashion blogs to follow for tips, trends, and brands that won't cost the earth. Make sure to bookmark these gems so you can stay on top of the latest eco-friendly styles and shop for clothes that align with your values. Following these inspiring bloggers is an easy way to make more sustainable choices and reduce your environmental impact through fashion. You'll be strutting in style and helping the planet at the same time. What are you waiting for? Start clicking, start reading, and start making a difference through what you wear every day. The future of fashion is sustainable, so join the movement.

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